Babbling brook
Woodland walk
Sunset / barbecue spot
Wild meadows
'The Ride' - apple trees and geraniums
Tudor herb garden
Peony bed
Crab apple lawn
Vegetable patch and vines / fruit

We would like you to have a truly relaxing time, enjoying the peace and quiet and the seclusion of nearly nine acres of gardens, meadows, woods and of course, the brook. So we invite you to explore and share our garden during your stay.

Brook Farm has a beautiful garden, created by previous owner, Sarah Wint, and we’re staying true to her vision. Sarah was passionate about the beneficial effects of gardens, gardens and creativity, as well as loving plants and this little patch of England. She called it ‘The Heartfelt Garden’ and believed in enjoying Brook Farm for its natural beauty.

It’s not perfect, in fact it is fairly chaotic but it is somewhere to enjoy the bounteous beauty of nature in the spring, summer and autumn, while in winter it is a place for quiet reflection. A beautiful place to just be.

You’ll find a Tudor herb garden to loosely depict what might have been growing here when the house was built; the Peony Bed with daffodils in spring and sedum later in the year; and the ‘Ride’, edged with lots of apple trees on one side and hardy geraniums in the grass, creating a bejewelled meadow effect. Then there’s the Brook Bank Walk, planted with spring flowers, and a vegetable patch, fruit bushes and vines.

There’s also a barbecue spot in the meadow, sited to get the last of the evening sun. A perfect place for a glass of wine or a famous local Ludlow sausage or two.

If you want to explore further afield, there are plenty of walks from the door…or visit one of the many beautiful gardens in the area.